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Welcome to The Gift of Loving Touch™

The Gift of Loving Touch™is an alignment/attunement modality that is to be freely shared with the world. It is a gift of love from Divine Mother and Father (Godde), Archangels Michael and Raphael, my Divine Patrons and me, Theresa Helton."

This modality gift came to Theresa through meditation, intuition, divine guidance, angelic direction and prayer. She was instructed that it was to be released to the world on Imbolc/Lammas, 2011 which is on Feb.2/Aug.1, respectively. There is never to be a charge or fee accepted or paid for The Gift of Loving Touch
™ alignment/attunement or its document.

"It is through Love that the world will feel joy and know true Peace. It is through the giving and sharing of Love from within, that will result in joy, harmony, happiness, Peace and tranquility among all beings. It is from this vibrational state that living beings on this planet will co-create the vibration that will heal our Earth Mother. To heal our planet and in turn preserve life on our planet we must live from love, from the heart.

"The gift of Love flickers within all that exists. It is a gift from Divinity. Help to fan the flickering flame of Love within all beings. This modality is a tool to that end. Share it with Love, from your heart."

Instructions for receiving the attunement:The attunement to the Loving Touch energies is already set. Once you download the pdf file, read it. When you come to the Loving Touch Blessing, speak it from your heart. These words will attune you to the energies as set by Divinity and the Archangels. There is nothing else you need to do to receive this attunement/alignment. Simply download the file and read it. Speak the blessing and it is done. You do not need to be a practitioner of reiki or any other modality to use and benefit from 'The Gift of Loving Touch™'. 

This attunement is free to share. Please leave a message of thanks for Theresa by using the contact form below. 
 It is required that the pdf document remain intact with no changes made to it. The scribe of this document, Theresa Helton, retains all rights and copyrights to the contents.

For those who wish to have this document bound in book or booklet format for distribution, please contact Theresa Helton for permission first by leaving a message using the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of the page .

Disclaimer: This modality is for educational purposes only. Anyone seeking relief for physical or emotional ailments should seek the care of a qualified healthcare professional.

 You may download The Gift of Loving Touch™  pdf file by clicking the link below and saving the file to your computer.

The Gift of Loving Touch™_THelton.pdf The Gift of Loving Touch™_THelton.pdf
Size : 195.238 Kb
Type : pdf

What you send out, how you behave and what you do, will return to you in multiples. Please live from love and exchange energy with love and compassion. May you Blessed Be!



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